Meet Our Team


Tim is the owner and President of PBC Services, Inc. He founded the company in 1984. Tim has in excess of 45 years of pneumatic systems experience. He began his career in the oil & gas services industry in south Louisiana. He then moved to the pneumatic tank business. Tim is an entrepreneur at heart and recognized the gap in service providers of pneumatic conveyance along the Mississippi River systems. The idea for PBC Systems and later on PBC Services was born from his observations. Tim is proud of the legacy he has built at PBC. "We provide a workplace where employees feel valued and know they can consistently provide for their families. We also get it right with our customers so that they can focus on what's most important to them."

Tim P. Bourgeois


General Manager - Operations

Doug joined PBC in 1994 as a machine operator. He worked his way up over the years to his current role as General Manager of Operations. During his tenure with PBC, Doug has worked on special projects including the commissioning of most of our units in service today. He also completed an overseas assignment with our preferred vendor, Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV based in the Netherlands, where he worked on the manufacturing and assembly team for new units. Doug oversees our turn-key services teams deployed along the river systems of the continental US.

Doug Bourgeois


Supervisor - West Lake, LA Operations

Dedric started with PBC in 2005 as an operator. He quickly proved himself as a leader who pays close attention to customer service and operational efficiency. He has +15 years of pneumatic conveying and bulk handling experience. Today, Dedric is supervisor of our Westlake, LA operations team.

Dedric Sanders


Supervisor - Northern Operations

Bobby started with PBC in 2003 as a lead operator. He is currently responsible for our northern operations' teams based in Ohio and West Virginia. Bobby has over 15 years of specialized pneumatics systems experience with additional years of experience in equipment operations and electrical/mechanical trouble-shooting.

Bobby Crochet


Parts & Technical Services

Lewis joined PBC in 1989. With over 30 years of experience, Lewis is one of our most trusted experts in pneumatic systems. His first role at PBC was as an operator and "jack of all trades." He was our first in-house electrical/mechanical technician and all around trouble shooter. Today, Lewis leads our Parts & Services department. Additionally, he serves as lead technical support on all of our capital projects.

Lewis Tabor


Field Service Technician/Operations Supervisor

Tyler came on board with PBC in 2015 from the agriculture chemical industry. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Tyler is our lead field service technician. He also supervises one of our turn-key service operations. Tyler brings his attention to detail, his mechanical & electrical know-how, and organizational skills to every project he takes on. Tyler is currently responsible for leading our preventative maintenance program across all operational units.

Tyler Haverkamp



Eric joined PBC in 2000 as the lead supporting PBC's interest in a joint venture. The joint venture was eventually dissolved and Eric took on the role of in-house financial analyst and commercial lead. Eric has an extensive background in accounting and finance, operations, and executive management. He has an MBA and is a Certified Public Accountant. Eric works directly with our current customers to develop long-term contracts with the best price per ton based on customer needs and priorities.

Eric LeBoeuf


Business Development/Finance

Ellen is our newest team member joining PBC in January of 2020. She has an MBA and 22 years of experience in strategy development, human resources, project management, and business development from the O&G industry. She is excited to lend her experiences to the PBC family while learning from them. Her passion for continuous improvement and building a stronger future for PBC makes her a great addition to the team. Today, Ellen is responsible for PBC's business development, planning, and financing.

Ellen B. Graffeo



Kami joined our team in 2019 as our Controller and Office Manager. She brings with her 25+ years of experience in full spectrum accounting and financial reporting. Additionally, she focuses on continuous improvement and streamlining internal processes. Kami has worked in multiple industries including industrial product sales and contractor services.

Kami Young


Accounts Payable/Payroll

Terri joined PBC in 1999. She is responsible for accounts payable and payroll. She wears many hats for the company including executive assistant to the President. Terri came to us from the banking industry. Today, she is a living example of our company's culture which is "family first." Terri is one of our most tenured and respected employees always standing by ready to assist any and all.

Terri Chauvin